Jewish Community of Marion

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Old Movies from mid 20th century part one, Marion, Indiana  (digitized and edited by Reed Maidenberg). These films are largely of the Marion, Indiana Jewish Community.

Added December 2015

Indiana Jewish Historical Society Publication #25 on Marion (and more) including:

  • Marion's Chosen Few
  • Exodus - Marion Style
  • The Temple
Men of Sinai Temple (mid-1950's?) performing in a Temple-produced show.
Temple Folks
Irma Maidenberg, Ann Secttor-1940's
Temple Folks
Temple Folks 2

Henry Fleck

added 12/15

Card game at 704 Euclid (home of Frank & Nan Maidenberg): Max Ganz, Tony Roskin, Allan Zimmerman, and Sam Weinberg
Sunday School -1962-63
Temple Show
Halloween Party
Judy Lasky & Jerry Secttor
Milton's Clothes - 1940's?

Jason Klain & Tootsie Abel

Probably taken in the early 1960's at a party

Adolph Abel

Probably taken in about 1955 in the Abel backyard on Jeffras Avenue

Florence Kushnarov & Joyce Zuckerman Maidenberg

Year is unknown (1990's?)

County's Jewish Heritage traced to Jacob Newberger

Chronicle column by Bill Munn, local historian

Irma Maidenberg, Anne Ganz, Betty Fleck

Year is unknown (1990's?)

Anne Ganz, Florence Kushnarov

Year is unknown (1990's?)

Dan Resneck, Sam Napers?

Year is unknown

Rosemarie Simons, Charlotte Resneck

Year is unknown

Florence Kushnarov, Julian Secttor

Year is unknown

Barbara Resneck

Year is unknown

Anne Louise and Julian Savesky

Year is unknown

Judy Fox Tallerico

Year is unknown

Mike Klain, Don Simpkin, Alan Fleck, Jim Savesky, Reed Maidenberg

at farewell party for Don Simkin


Gary Roskin, Alan Fleck, Wendy Roskin, Reed Maidenberg,

Jim Savesky, Debbie Fleck, and David Roskin (seated)

at farewell party for Don Simkin


Max Ganz and Frank Maidenberg, after meeting up in North Africa during WWII,

1944 or 1945

Harry Goldreich, Molly Goldreich, Joseph Stern,

Helen Coran Zimmerman, Minnie Fehr (Goldreich), Morris Goldreich.

Photo taken 1915-1920, at 1310 S. Washington St., Marion, Indiana

Harry & Florence Kushnarov

Probably taken in the 1980's in Atlanta, Georgia

Anne Ganz, Irma Maidenberg, Joyce & Frank Maidenberg, Betty Fleck

date & place?

Frank Maidenberg, Micky Keiner?, Irv Klain, Eli Mark, Jason Klain, Jack Dennis


National China & Equipment Corp.

The Brothers Maidenberg: Meyer, Ben, Milton, Frank

About 1920

Also see this 1978 version (Milt, Frank, Meyer Ben)

Joyce Zuckerman Maidenberg & Ruth Zuckerman

Tony Roskin, Allan Zimmerman, Goldstones

May 1972

Mim and Larry Kotok (Larry was student Rabbi at the Temple)


Jill Maidenberg, Tony & Mildred Roskin, Tony Maidenberg

May 1972

Frank Maidenberg and Dan Resneck

year unknown

Anne Ganz, Phil & Jody Ganz, Shirley Zimmerman

May 1972

Interview of Charles (Charlie) Siegel by Nancy Maidenberg as part of a high school project. Interview took place on April 29, 2002

Interview of Betty Fleck by Phil Dodyk as part of a high school project. Interview took place on April 28, 1999.

Historical information on Jews in Grant County. This is a link to a document provided from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (

Tootsie (Annette) Abel with daughers (1960?)

Added December 2015